Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Website loss

A dreadful thing happened to me yesterday. I went to my Blogger Dashboard hoping to post the first step in my Honduras Diaries as promised, but then I realised that my actual Blog has gone missing/has been deleted. Bummer. The annoying thing is, even though on my last computer, I had al of the pictures and headers saved somewhere, and I thought that I had them saved on my memory sticks, but I obviously don't.
So, now that I am Blogless, the long-awaited Honduras Diary Uploading will be re-scheduled. I will have to re-write loads of boring old HTML codes, and put all of my pictures back into the links, and get my ClustrMap back. (Which now WON'T have a marker from Honduras, which I am massively annoyed at.) my Vote thing will be broken, so I will have to restart that, and lose all current votes. Poo. 
I will have to remake my TROA logo/banner for the top of my page, re-link the Global Cool picture, and fix up myself a new Barcode. 
While all of this sucks, I think that it could also give me a good chance to give my Blog a new, fresh look. (Which i have been wanting to do for a while now.)

Oh well. The now-even-longer-awaited-Honduras Diaries will be uploaded some other time, when the Blogosphere is back to normal climate.

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