Sunday, 5 October 2008

The Curse of Spore

A few weeks ago, I scuttled out and bought Spore for my computer to entertain me for a while. About a week later, I realised that I had made a mistake. Spore is probably the most boring Sim-type game in the history of ever. It's silly, repetitive, boring and, really, a total all-round heap. So yesterday i was clearing some random stuff out of my room and thought: " I think I'll get rid of some of these games that are just sitting there going mouldy..." So today I went out to Game and tried to trade them in. (I had Serious Sam 1st and 2nd Encounters, The Suffering: Ties That Bind, Black and White, Spore and Max Payne.) The guy behind the counter said: "We don't take PC games in because they get used to one computer's code and won't work on any other machine." Which is a total, massive lie. So I took them all to Gamestation down the road, and the guy scanned them all in and said: "You'll get £1.20 for the lot... Oh and you can't trade in Spore because once it's activated one one computer it can't be used online on any other machines." I just kept the other games for the sake of £1.20. so now I'm stuck with Spore. The game that nobody likes. I hate DRM, and I hate certain game publishers for implementing that DRM... Not mentioning any names.* 
That will be the last time I go out and buy a game without actually knowing it's going to be good first. Reviews will be read, complaints will be filed and DRM-riddled games will be scowled at. Yes, I'm looking at you, Steam.
So there we go. It looks like I'm stuck with Spore for the rest of my days. Shops avoid it like leprosy and anyone with half a brain will refuse it.

*EA, you slags!

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