Saturday, 4 October 2008

In search of the "In Search Of The"...

I have recently started to like Buckethead. I don't know what started it, but I think that it was probably my obsession with Guitar Hero II, which Jordan is the hardest song, which I'm trying to do on Expert. (Still can't.) So I was thinking about getting either Kaleidoscalp or Enter the Chicken, but then I found an article about "In Search Of The". It's an album/box-set of 13 CDs, and about 9 hours of music in total. Here is a Wikipedia article on it
I wanted it, so I have scoured and searched the webernets to find any site that I can get the whole thing from (bearing in mind that I don't want to use any illegal Torrent sites). iTunes doesn't have it. doesn't have it. Amazon don't have it. HMV, Virgin and all of the Dodgy little corner shops don't have it. It seems that only ONE website in the whole of the universe will sell this somewhat illusive album to me, and its ''. For the price of $100 plus $15 postage. Not bad, it's only about £50-60. £50 for 13 CDs and 9 hours of music? Ok then.

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