Thursday, 13 November 2008

Gears 2 or Guitar Hero?

Tomorrow, Guitar Hero: World Tour will arrive. I have yet to finish Gears 2 before then. But, my Xbox is broken, so I am severely limited to the amount of time I can have on the Xbox in the living room. I reckon I'll have about another hour on it tonight, and then, if all goes to plan, I will have either a) Finished it, or b) Guitar hero will be delivered and I will not have any time to spare from my endless rocking out. I hope I get it finished. I don't know how far I am, but I can almost smell the end. I'm at the COG headquarters, and have just fought off 2 Brumaks and a load of normal guys. There seems to be a lot of action still to go, because Marcus and Dom are going underground again to try to find the Queen.
 As for the title of this post, enjoy some Buckethead. Ahh... Good ol' Soothsayer...

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