Saturday, 8 November 2008

Long Time No Post II

Hello, and Welcome! It's been about a month since the last post, and dear lord has a lot not happened. Well, I have Far Cry 2, but no Xbox to play it on. Guitar Hero: World Tour is on it's way in the post, but I can't play on it. Gears 2 has been released and again, I can't play on it. In case you haven't guessed it was my Xbox's time, and he decided he didn't want to play Guitar Hero, so three quarters of his little face went red, and he is now in a cardboard coffin... Again.

But, to fill the time I decided to make/craft a new video -- made of my fantastical pictures taken over the course of 2008! I call it: '2008, in Pictures.'

Also you can expect a new video involving me mourning over poor old lonesome GH:WT and FC2 and Gears, all alone with nobody to play on them. Shame.

Am I going mad?

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