Wednesday, 19 November 2008


I hate it. It looks stupid, childish, kiddy, crap, pointless, buggy, ugly, poo and... green. 
Avatars. What the HELL are Microsoft thinking? Why are these crappy Mii-ripoffs a COMPULSORY part of this update. Why do I have to look like I want to make one by having one? If I wanted to make a 'virtual me' I would have kept the Wii or got a PS3 for Home. 
It's so stupidly laid out, and it is all wrong and difficult to navigate through. We can't use Netflix, (And I wouldn't even if we could) we can't DISABLE AVATARS, change the theme of the dashboard, the colours, the noises that it makes, the style... IT'S CRAP!
I hate it so much it makes me angry. What was wrong with the old style? Why can't we have the option to keep it the way it was it we want to? Why is Microsoft such an arse of a corporation? What about the themes that I paid for? Can I get my money back? No. Can I still use them? No. 
When someone comes online, and I press the guide button, it used to display their profile etc., but now somebody comes online, and nothing happens. I press the guide button during a game, the game doesn't pause. The friends list is now filled with crapy avatars, and I have to scroll for about 10 minutes in order to add a new friend. I change my Motto to: "I h@te the NXE" and my bio to a list of complaints that I have about it, which is most of it. 
I'm going on now to see in the forums if I can disable any part of it, because I will. 

Sick of it.

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