Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Why I won't be buying Call of Duty 5 (Careful now, very little comedy involved here.)

I used to not want to get CoD5 because I didn't think much of number 4. That was my main no.1 reason. Also, I have just bought Far Cry 2, Gears 2 and Guitar Hero: World Tour, which combined will last me a good long while. Then there is Fallout and Dead Space etc... 
So they used to be by reasons for CoD5 avoidism. But now, I read an article written by someone who had played it, and felt so strongly about it that they pretty much complained for a full page. (See here, via Joystiq.) He said this: "This morning I watched the first five minutes of gameplay, which promised "disturbing" game content and historical footage (read: real-life executions). The video made my stomach bubble. My knees a little wobbly. My breath short, and my face hot. It made me think about my grandmother, who as a little girl was shipped with her family from their farm in California to an internment camp in Arizona. It made me think of her brother and brothers-in-law who were drafted into the United States military and fought, with pride, in the war in Europe. It reminded me of the shame I felt as a child when teased. An inheritance of lingering hatred."
That's pretty deep. The article goes on for about another page after that extract, and confirms a load of other reasons why I should avoid CoD5. It doesn't look that good anyway. But what can i do? It will just get over-rated like the last one and get an unworthy Game of the Year Award. 
I personally have no problem with violence in games, because I love Max Payne, Condemned, Gears etc., but I know that it's all fiction, and nobody is getting hurt as a result.
That's just my views, inspired by James Ransom-Wiley of Joystiq.

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