Saturday, 7 March 2009

Silly Adverts

I was busy trying to do my Biology homework while trying not to be distracted by the internet's many points of interest, but eventually, after about a page of writing about the surface tension of water, I gave in and clicked the ever-so-tempting compass at the bottom of my screen. I went on Google to try to get some 'good deals' (The term 'good 'deals' means Bucketheadland Vol. II) and I got one of those annoying adverts that flap around the screen and you have to try and find the tiny little 'X' in one of the corners to close it. So I tried to find a way to stop them from appearing, and also, while I was there, find something that will get rid of those other ones that sit on the sides and top of the screen (mainly things like O2, a one about buying DDR memory and one about I found AdBlock, which is a free thing that just installs and stops these awful little slices of annoyance from appearing altogether. It seems to work quite well, but most of the time all it does is get rid of them and nothing else, so where the ads used to be are now just white spaces. Here is a sample that I made... not found anywhere else on the whole of the intertubes...

Without Adblock enabled: Notice the advert for that TurboTax thing.

With AdBlock enabled: Oooh! Look at that adless goodness!

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