Thursday, 9 April 2009

My new CDs

I got Bucketheadland 2 and Crime Slunk Scene yesterday, as well as my Boards of Canada CD today. After listening to them both, I am glad to say that they were well worth $39. By far. CSS is fantastic. An all-round good album... And it has Soothsayer and King James on there, which are worth it on their own in my opinion.

Bucketheadland 2 is also great, but it doesn't actually have that much music on it. Out of the total 30 tracks, I'd say about 6 are passable as songs, and even those are generally filled with silly voices (not that I'm complaining). The best tracks on here are Frozen Brains Tell No Tales, John Merrick/Elephant Man Bones Explosion, Taxidermy Tots and Rooster Landing. The majority of tracks are about 10-60 seconds long and are either silly noises or silly voices.
Overall, CSS gets 9/10, Bucketheadland 2 gets 8.5/10.

Now, I also got The Campfire Headphase by Boards of Canada today, and I have probably listened to the whole album about four times. It is brilliant. I got it from HMV for £6.99, and I never expected it to be this good. The standout tracks are Chromakey Dreamcoat, Dayvan Cowboy and Farewell Fire. Also, there is a music video on YouTube for Dayvan Cowboy, which is actually really good, despite clearly very little work being put into it.
I might even buy another BoC album in the future... After I've had time to 'digest' this one.
Another great album to add to my collection: 8/10.

I have just realised now that my collection spans from things like Marilyn Manson, Tool and Buckethead to the other end of the spectrum with Aphex Twin, Bloc Party and The Prodigy.


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