Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Xbox 360 Profile Corruption

I turned on my 360 today, and a horrific sight greeted me instead of the usual happy colours of my Agent 47 Avatar. First of all it didn't auto-sign in, which, is not that unusual, but annoying nonetheless. I clicked on the profile selector, and only found 1 profile, the offline one. Not my usual one XBL registered one. I almost had a heart attack, and skipped straight to the Memory Blade on the Dashboard. I found 2 profiles there, mine being one of them. It says it was corrupted. I went back to the Recover Gamertag section, only to put in all the data and be given the message: "Can't save to the Hard drive because it is either full or not connected". I then had a second heart attack and went straight to some forums to find a solution. 
I have to delete the corrupted one first. Duh. I did that, put my deets in again, it worked, only after about 20 minutes of painfully awkward -profile downloading. I then got it back, so far so good, all my Achievements, I'm still on Gold, my rep, Gamerscore and stuff still there. I loaded up Fallout 3. The Continue and Load buttons are blocked. My saves had been deleted and lost for the best part of ever. 3 Years of game saves gone out the window. Fallout, 55-ish hours. Oblivion 370-ish hours. Dead Rising, Level 50, Burnout Paradise, 74/76 cars, Far Cry 2, near the end of the story, Fable II, 100% goodness, all songs unlocked on GH:WT, halfway through the game on Hard on Bioshock, Realistic on RSV. What about my killcount on Gears 2?
All lost. Forever. 
I'm not too upset, though. I mean, it could have been a LOT worse. I'm just annoyed at the fact that it got corrupted to start with. I blame Microsoft. Not me playing the Xbox into Oblivion. 

Stupid Microsoft. I hope the Xbox 3 is even semi-reliable. I hate cheaply made electronics.

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