Thursday, 14 May 2009

Another Project

If you are a regular reader of my 'thoughtnibbles', then you might be aware of the fact that I enjoy to start projects and things to keep myself occupied. These projects, never really lift off the ground, but I continuously like to start them anyway, in the hope that I may carry one out. 
But anyway, my latest 'project' is to try to replicate Witches On The Heath by Buckethead, record it into GarageBand, add my funky effects then see how good it is in the end. 
The main reason I wrote this post was to basically say how much I love Electric Tears. I think it's the best Buckethead album by far. And that's including Colma, Crime Slunk Scene and Bucketheadland II. I love the simplicity and the calmness of it, and the fact that there is nothing other than guitars in it. The best tracks are as follows: Witches On The Heath, probably the best track in the history of the universe, even overtaking Santa Monica by Theory of a Deadman (That's ToaD before 'Hate My Life', which is quite possibly the worst song to come out of Canada, and the only ToaD song in the UK charts. Which I hate.) and SRXT by Bloc Party. (Sorry about that YouTube link, all the real videos have been taken down due to stupid 'copyright claims')

I got this image when I typed in 'Witches on the Heath' in Google Images and quite liked it...

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