Thursday, 7 May 2009

Big fat update

I got me a Guitar! The exact one I wanted, Ibanez ART 120, in white. I rang up Window's in Newcastle about an email I got saying that they had both the Black and the White models in, so I scuttled down there and goose eyed it. The White looks better than the Black, mainly because it has a black band around the edge, while the full black one is just... black. 
I saw it on the intersphere for £249, and asked the guy if he could price match it. He went away for a bit then came beck. No. But, what he could do was give me a gig bag (supposedly worth the £20 difference) and a strap. I'm not likely to use
 the strap, but I have one now nonetheless, and I wasn't about to complain about getting free stuff, even if it is pointless. 
I still want to instal a Killswitch to it somewhere, but after paying £260 for a white, shiny guitar, I don't really want to be drilling holes in it. So what I now thought of doing, was getting one of those build-it-yourself guitar kits off of Ebay or something, and doing my evil Frankenstein-esque testing of Killswitch installing and pickup changing on that, considering I will probably want to change a load of stuff because it will sound dreadful with the pre-wired, cheapy pickups and click-together volume knobs. 
I also need a decent amp to replace the 10 Watt Yamaha thing that came with that other guitar.. I'm thinking Marshall or Peavey. 

Thar she blows!

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