Sunday, 24 May 2009

The Blue Man Group

Yesterday I went to see the Blue Man Group having waited for ages for them to do another tour thing. It. Was. Fantastic. The best show I have ever seen, and likely to be the best show I ever will see (unless I see them again, or see Buckethead live. You should know how much I like Buckethead). They were at the Metro Arena in Newcastle, and we were in seats N21, N22 and N23 in block B of the stalls. It was set out in the theatre layout so these were pretty good seats. I took my Dad's camera because it is smaller than mine and I didn't know if was really supposed to be taking cameras, so I could put it in my coat pocket. I kind of wish I took mine, but I still got some good pictures. 
They started with some silly shopping channel style video on the big screen about a DVD on 'How to be a Megastar' and then got a woman from the front row of the audience and used her credit card to buy it for $4000. They got the disc, played it and then the voiceover from the  song 'It's Time to Start' along with a video to match on the big screen to go along with each Rock Concert Movement. After a while of getting everyone doing the moves etc., they got the big Drumbone and did that song from Audio. Then they did a few songs off The Complex album, including Persona (!), I Feel Love?, Up To The Roof, By Myself and Above. The best ones were Persona and Above. I was actually surprised that they did much from The Complex because I didn't expect the singers to be there(Dave Matthews, Tracy Bonham, Josh Haden and Venus Hum). 
Then the DVD continued and they followed the steps that the voiceover guy gave them. They came into the stalls to 'interact with the audience'...
But anyway... It was a fantastic show, and if a DVD of it ever comes out, I will get it. Outside they were selling T shirts and CDs and stuff. I got one. It looks a bit like this.
Anyway, here are some photos I took. They aren't great because it was dark and it was hard to keep my hand sniper-still while my camera took them.

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