Friday, 1 May 2009

A Real Diamond in the Rough

Buckethead is releasing new albums faster than I can keep up. Only at the end of January he released Slaughterhouse on the Prairie, and now, only two months later, he has released A Real Diamond in the Rough. To me, this looks like an eventual buy, mainly due to the fact that is sounds already like some kind of Electric Tears/Colma Part 2. I haven't heard anything from this album yet, but I reckon after a while, there will be some tracks put up on YouTube. 
I was contemplating to get the next Buckethead albums in this order: Giant Robot, The Elephant Man's Alarm Clock, The Cuckoo Clocks of Hell and then maybe In Search of The... Now I might have to buy this new one, but only after I've heard a few tracks from it because I don't like buying stuff blindly. 
From the front cover on Wikipedia, it looks like a follow up to Electric Tears, and also could be up there with Crime Slunk Scene in terms of production value. It actually looks like a real CD instead of something he made himself with Microsoft Paint.

1."Broken Mirror"  4:16
2."Big D's Touch"  4:11
3."Separate Sky"  2:58
4."Dawn Appears"  3:46
5."A Real Diamond in the Rough"  4:08
6."Sundial"  1:04
7."Squid Ink"  3:05
8."Four Rivers"  2:38
9."Allowed to Play"  1:55
10."Formless Present"  3:44
11."Squid Ink Part 2"  0:56
12."The Miracle of Surrender"  5:37
13."The Return of Captain EO"  

Tracklist from Wikipedia.

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MusicManiac said...

Great info dude.Buckethead is an amazing guitarist.