Friday, 12 June 2009

Honduras Diaries, July 14th.

I’m on the coach on my way to Heathrow Airport. I’m writing this entry in the dark because the lights are turned off because people are asleep. It’s 2:45 AM. (Been on the bus for 1 hour 45 minutes.)

My seat is cramped, and I’m eating Thai Sweet Chilli Walker’s Sensations. I can smell Omar’s egg sandwiches and they really stink.

Most people are asleep now, and the bus is quiet. I’ll write some more when we get to Heathrow at about 9AM.

I’m in Heathrow Airport now, and its 9:16 AM. We are waiting for our flight to Houston, Texas at 11:15. My seat number is ’41 C’. It’s quite busy here, and all of the shops are charging £1.50 for water. I got my big water bottle taken off me and when my bag went through the scanner it bleeped. It turned out that it was a plastic tub of pineapple that had set it off. (?) The man told me to eat them before I got on the plane.

I didn’t get much sleep on the coach here. Probably about 1 ½ hours.

In the airport there are lots of policemen with guns and laser dot sights. I want. J

Today is the longest day ever. I feel like it’s been the 14th for ages. That’s because we have changed from England-time to Texas-time while we were on the plane. It’s now 6:00 PM and should be 11:00 I think…

The flight was about 11 hours long.

I’m in my ‘Motel’ now and it’s called the ‘Super 8 Motel’. It’s basically the American version on a Travelodge, but it has a fridge, microwave, TV, aircon and a coffee machine.

We are all going out to a restaurant later, but I’m not sure when.

I also need some Lipsol. My lips are cracked. L

It’s now 10:00 and I have just come back from the restaurant in town. It was called Outback and was a kind of Australian themed steakhouse. Our waiter was very overly enthusiastic and gave us unlimited free drink refills and unlimited Honeygrain and Wheat Bread. (It looks like a poo but is basically brown bread crossed with a cake.) I had a Toowoomba Pasta which had shrimps, mushrooms and crawfish in a nice sauce.

When everybody was finished, out waiter brought us some free Animal Crackers because we told him we had never had them before. He also found out that it was Mel’s birthday, so he brought her a free ice cream sundae. All of us were too full to eat it.

Everyone gave him a tip.

Tomorrow we need to get up a 5:00 because our plane to San Pedro leaves a 7:00 and we need to get our breakfasts and get to the airport in time.

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