Saturday, 13 June 2009

Honduras Diaries, July 15th.

We had to get up at 5:00 this morning because we had to get something to eat and go through the kerfuffle of getting to the airport and sorting out our bags.

At Houston Airport (George Bush International) we had a bit of time to wander about the shops. Me and Omar found the domed ceiling which echoed everything we said but so that only we could hear it. That was weird. I also tried to find an Official American Baseball to take home, but it seems that the Texans don’t like Baseball because nowhere sold any.

I am now on the plane to San Pedro, in ‘Cattle class’ feeling like a battery chicken. I am going to try to read some of my PADI book before we land.

Have just had an Aeroplane Breakfast too, which was made up of an ‘Omelet’ in Pita bread, a sachet of hot sauce, a fake cherry flavoured yogurt and a chewy banana.

Also found out that Justine who I’m sitting next to went to Kandersteg with the Scouts at the same time as me but she was with the other group.

I’m now in the ‘Gran Hotel Sula 4 star hotel’. My room is better than I expected, it has an LCDTV, coffee maker, lots of lamps, more aircon units and an actual outside balcony. I am sharing a room with Ollie. We watched a film about a mutated guy and a blind girl but never saw the ending. I think it was called ‘Rocky Dennis’.

I have been downstairs and had something to eat, (Cheese toastie and chips) and we all had a meeting with a woman from Operation Wallacea called Pippa. She told us what was happening tomorrow:

· Get breakfast at 6:00.

· Leave hotel at 7:00.

· Get bus to base of hills.

· Get in 4x4s to Base Camp.

· Go to little study zones.

I also have found out that my holdall bag for the second week won’t be taken away. Instead my rucksack and holdall will stay with me at Base Camp.

I am now going to organise my stuff for tomorrow and decide what I’m going to wear. I have also filled my Platypus and put it in the fridge for tomorrow.

Lastly, today has been full of discoveries:

· San Pedro was labelled the ‘Murder Capital of the World’.

· The Spanish word for chicken is ‘Pollo’.

· Dubbed TV is rubbish.

· Dragonball Z and Basil Brush are crap in Spanish.

· Mr T’s voiceover dub in the A Team is hilarious.

· All Spanish sounds sinister.

I also have a quote of the day:

“If I take one more step, it’ll be the farthest away from home I’ve ever been…” – Sam, The Fellowship of the Ring, LOTR.

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