Monday, 15 June 2009

Honduras Diaries, July 17th

Today we did our first junglish activity. We had to walk out into the rainforest and take some samples of trees. We had a 20x20 metre square to work in, and I had to count all of the Bromeliads on the trees. After I’d finished that, me, Becky and our guide went into the square and we had to count an average number of saplings growing in the area, and we did a Canopy Light Test or something where we tested how much light came through the treetops by holding up a piece of plastic with dots on it.

When we got back we had lunch. It was kidney beans, rice, some kind of coleslaw without any mayonnaise and half an avocado. It was nice but the avocado just tasted like water.

At 2:00 we went on another walk to a big waterfall in the forest. The path there was mainly really steep uphill, then really steep downhill. When we got there it was great. I took lots of photos. We had a slow walk back after this and had some more food. It was local dried bananas, bean paste, tortillas and some other vegetables. (The bean paste and tortilla combination is the food of Satan.) I also put my name down for a night walk, but it started to rain really heavily. Lots of other people put their names down too, but only 10 people were allowed to go so names had to be put into a hat. My boots got soaked in the rain and my name wasn’t picked out anyway, so I didn’t go. Since then it rained pretty much none stop and we had thunder and lightning. Me and Ollie went into Emily’s tent when Maddy and Mel were on the walk. I was leaning on the tent door when Ollie saw a huge spider that ran up the wall above my head. I jumped to the other side of the tent and it just sat still on the door. We looked at it under the torch and we could see its eyes and fangs and it was furry like a peach. Then it jumped off the door and ran at me, I jumped to the opposite corner and around the tent but it followed me. I jumped out of the way again and it still chased me. It went under some clothes so I whacked it with my torch in a panic. It was dead. We scooped it up onto some paper using a pencil and put it outside. Turns out that it was a Wolf Spider, which can make you very ill if they bite you. So it’s just as well that I killed it.

I’m in the tent now and it is still raining. What I didn’t know before was that Omar had left our tent door open during the monsoon so all of our clothes, bags and shoes are wet.

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