Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Honduras Diaries, July 18th

It’s 6:15 in the morning, and I have just had a terrible night’s sleep. I woke up about every half an hour, my sleeping bag is wet inside, our groundsheet is wet and covered in mud, the tent stinks of nappies and it’s STILL RAINING. Also, someone must have got up in the night and left the tent door open again. So now, even out dry things that we were wearing before are now also wet.

We also are not allowed to wash our clothes here for some reason. I think it’s something to do with the water supply.

Today’s main activities were going to be Canopy Access and Small Mammal Trap Setting. The trap setting was in the morning, and even though it was still raining, it was ok, but very steep downhill and muddy. We had to place a trap every 30 metres until we ran out. We had about 50 traps. The guide we were with looked like the yeti off Monsters inc. and he was called ‘CB’. What didn’t improve our confidence was that ‘CB’ had admitted that he had never been down this path before. We must have walked about 2KM downhill, then another 2KM all the way up again.

For dinner we had pasta bolognaise which was our best meal yet. We also got to go on a night walk. It wasn’t too great, because all we saw was those bugs that look like leaves and a load of grasshoppers. They got a bit boring after the seventh consecutive leaf-insect. Yesterday’s group saw a Palm Viper and a Skunk. The closest we got to a Skunk was a skunk-stink which was nearby. It has now rained for about 36 hours pretty much none stop. Our night walk guide looked a lot like Gordon Freeman off of Half Life. He had the same beard style and colour and the same glasses. The Canopy Access was also cancelled today due to the rain.

When we got in our tent on the night, we found a small pond in the corner under Ollie’s ground mat. We used two whole rolls of toilet paper to soak it up but it was still there.

I also slept well last night because I had my sleeping bag unzipped like a duvet, and it was warmer and not too small.

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