Saturday, 20 June 2009

Honduras Diaries, July 20th.

I am now writing this from a hammock in the middle of the cloud forest in Honduras. The time is 5:56PM, and I can hear birds, frogs, lizards, crickets and the waterfall.

We had to walk here (the satellite camp) from Base Camp with all of our dry clothes. The walk here was very easy, because the whole group had to ‘walk at the pace of the slowest person’, which was really slow, and we had to stop for breaks every 5 minutes. It was all down hill. I actually feel a bit ripped off because I didn’t get out of breath once.

The camp we got to is called Guanalas (Gwan-al-es). It usually takes the guides about 45 minutes to walk here from Base Camp but it took us 2 hours. It was OK though, because at least it didn’t rain. After we had organised where we were going to sleep, I walked back toward the main area of the camp and saw this huge moth/butterfly thing on the tree. It had an eye pattern on its wings but when I tried to get a photo it flew away. I went back to my hammock and got changed into my shorts and t-shirt that needed washing, and went to the waterfall-shower. I think this camp it much better than Base Camp because of that alone. But it also has a swing, seesaw, (both made from logs), a fire and a washing line to dry stuff on. The best part is the kitchen area doesn’t smell like sick when you are getting your food. (When we first got here, we had the best meal yet. It was mashed potato, rice, chillied bean things and tuna.) After that, we pretty much did nothing for the afternoon. When we had our dinner, it wasn’t as good as our lunch but still better than anything from Base Camp. We had rice, spaghetti, shredded cabbage stuff and a kind of sweet corn chilli.

I went to get a coffee afterwards and when I was adding the powdered milk etc, I put salt in my cup instead of sugar. It was disgusting. It tasted like I had made it from hot seawater.

After that we sat down and organised a night walk. It wasn’t raining so I wanted to go again. Our guide for this is called Mario and is from Honduras. He says he learned his English from subtitled films.

On the night walk we saw two salamanders, a frog, and a big moth that landed on me. It felt weird and when I looked at it had feathers on its face instead of eyes. I took photos of the salamanders and the frog before they were put into a bag to be taken back. I was also disappointed with this walk because Mario said that snakes were very likely.

As we got to the end of the walk it started to thunder really loudly so we turned back before the rain started.

I am now lying in my hammock and can see lightning and hear thunder and lots of crickets. It isn’t raining yet.

Also, I can’s stop singing Bullet in the Head by Rage Against the Machine. It’s annoying me.

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