Saturday, 20 June 2009

Honduras Diaries, July 21st

It’s almost 7:00 AM and I’m lying in my hammock. I will be getting up soon to get my breakfast. I don’t know what we are doing today but I think it might be habitat surveys like we did on the 17th.

I have also just seen a hummingbird again. To the left of my hammock are some flowers, and it came down, sat on a flower for a second, hovered and then flew off. That’s the third one I’ve seen.

It was also Steph’s birthday today, so when everyone was up we sang happy birthday to her. Mrs Riches bought her a bracelet made by the locals and our guide from yesterday (Mario) had found a Fake Coral Snake (they are called fake because they look the same as Coral Snakes but aren’t poisonous). We all got to hold it and have our photos taken with it except Akmaloid, who was still in bed, even after we already shook him about in his hammock. So Omar missed out on the snake. (He says he wasn’t bothered but I think he died a little bit inside.)

In about half an hour we will be going out, so I’m going to sort my stuff out. We are doing another habitat survey. (I will make sure I will not be counting any more Bromeliads.)

I am back in the camp. It is 5:35 and I am sitting by the fire, I have been in the shower/waterfall/river again, but today I took some photos of it. I saw that hummingbird again in its nest and I took a picture of that too. As I was walking back up to the hammock I saw that butterfly again but this time I got some good photos of it before it flew away. So now I have seen a hummingbird, a big butterfly and some salamanders.

At about 9:00 this morning we went out on another habitat survey. I found a huge stick insect and named him Demitri. I got some photos of him too.

Instead of counting Bromeliads today, I had to make a simple map of the trees that had a circumference of more than 30cm. Then we had to list other features of each tree such as leaf type, new branches forming, any bromeliads and whether or not it was dead. It wasn’t quite as bad as the bromeliad counting.

Tomorrow we will walk back to base camp. I don’t want to. I think that the satellite camp is much better than Base camp. The food is better, the atmosphere is better and there is no mud. I also found that the Spanish word for mud is pronounced as ‘lollro’.

I had a conversation with Mario about this diary. He also said that he rites one too when he’s in the jungle, and that his favourite film was The Butterfly Effect, which is what made him start writing it to begin with.

I have also been reading the start of The God Delusion be Richard Dawkins. It’s supposed to be good and I remember Richard Dawkins being on Russell Brand a few weeks ago and he was talking about his book. I might try to get it out of the library because it’s quite interesting.

I have also tried to carve a chess piece out of some wood. It failed badly, so it went in the fire.

Tonight I’m in a tent because the Sickos have come up from Base Camp because they were too ill to walk up yesterday. I’m in a tent with Ollie and Jonny.

I think I could live here a bit longer. It’s better than Base Camp.

We have just had the best meal ever. I don’t know whether it was because it is Steph’s birthday or that the cooks felt kind, but we had bolognaise and spaghetti and garlic tortillas. It was the nicest spaghetti bolognaise ever and also the nicest garlic bread ever. We then had homemade donuts and fruit juice. There was strawberry and Lime. I though the lime was the nicest. While we were eating these, a thunderstorm started, and super-heavy rain came out of nowhere, with loud thunder and fork lightning. Then, we all heard a big crack as the branch that held the plastic up had snapped and we all had to hold it up while the guides fixed it. (In the rain with only their machetes.) In about 12 hours, we will leave Guanales forever, then we’ll be back in horrible old Base Camp.

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