Saturday, 20 June 2009

Honduras Diaries, July 22nd.

Woke up at 6:30 this morning. It’s now 7:10 and after my breakfast I’ll have to pack up my stuff away again and go back to Base Camp. I don’t want to. Tomorrow is also our last day in the Jungle before we go to Utila. I think that two weeks should be the minimum stay in the jungle.

Before we left Guanales we had the chance to buy some bracelets and stuff from the local guides. I bought a small wooden armadillo for $2. I called him Vladimir. (It’s an armadillo because this forest is part of the Cusuco National Park, and the Spanish word for armadillo is Cusuco.)

We walked back to base camp in the sun. I had dry shoes and trousers and that was probably the best walk of the week.

We spoke to the other people who went to Cantiles satellite camp and they all hated it. It apparently rained all the time and some people were crying.

We did nothing much for the rest of the day apart from play ‘Chase the Ace’ and ‘Switch’. Both of which I never wish to see or play again. Then I got talking to Keith while he was playing the guitar again, and I found out that he basically is an older me. For example, he knows lots of music that I do, and likes cameras and gadgets. When it got dark we were still playing with the guitar but now some sixth formers had joined in too. It made me want to learn to play the guitar, at least half-decently. We looked at the sky for a bit, too, and Keith brought out his camera to take a photo of the millions of stars that we could see. There was also a distant thunderstorm somewhere because we could see the lightning behind the trees. We then got talking about cameras and programs and stuff. Keith said he uses PhotoShop to edit his, but he has to get his pictures developed to a CD because his camera is a film SLR like that Olympus one I have in my room. He has also inspired me to give film a go instead of always using my digital camera. The only problems with film are that you have to pay to get photos developed, and you can’t see what pictures you’ve taken. Also things that my digital camera does automatically I will have to adjust myself. But I’ll still try it.

We then went to bed in a different tent to where we stayed before at about 9:30.

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