Monday, 22 June 2009

Honduras Diaries, July 23rd.

Today has been VERY eventful.

We got up at about 5:30 to pack our bags to go to Utila. Everything is still wet, and things that I dried on the fire stink of smoke and mould.

We had to get in the back of the 4x4s again and go to the bottom of the hill to where we first got on the trucks so we could go to a Howler Monkey sanctuary. The thing is, I had another NDE while on the truck. When we were driving, we were all standing up in the back and holding onto the bars, and the driver must have sped up or gone over a bump while we were going about 30-40mph. All I remember is standing up and holding on, then grabbing the back of the truck and holding on to the tailgate, then tumbling and jumping up. The strange thing is that as soon as I stopped skidding I immediately jumped up and ran towards the car as if nothing had happened. The first thing I consciously remember doing is checking the time on my watch which is weird. Then, after I got back to the truck the first thing I said was: “Did I actually just fall out of the truck?” the reply from Johnny was: “Aye.”

I then sat down in the truck for the rest of the journey and looked at my ‘wounds’. They were all just grazes, so I came off VERY lucky.

I was patched up and Maddy alcohol-wiped me which really stung, then we went to Monkey World and I had some paracetamol.

Everyone was saying that they wanted to go to McDonalds, and when I said I didn’t really care about going I received a look of death from some certain individuals who only came on the trip to do the diving and didn’t care about the rainforest bit. After paying the $1 admission fee to see some Howler Monkeys (which I wanted to shout at), we all got back into that old school bus again and went to a restaurant, where I got a Pina Colada smoothie. We all got back on the bus after bout 25 minutes. While we were waiting to go, some random guy with no eyes got on the bus and asked for money and said that he got deported from Texas and had to learn English to talk to people, despite still living in a Spanish speaking country. I gave him $1 because I was scared of him. I just have to wonder how he actually got on the bus in the first place… After that ‘episode’, we went on another half hour trip to San Pedro Airport. When we got our bags checked in we had half an hour to wander about and get some food. Everyone flocked to ‘Wendy’s’ (which was the Honduran version of McDonalds). We all had to go outside and wait for Pippa to arrive. She told us what was going to happen for the rest of the day. I also got put on the doctor’s patient list because of my injuries. I have to ask for ‘Dr Neil.’

After a 2 ½ hour long sweltering bus journey, we finally made it to the Honduran Coast. We had to check in to a boat called the ‘Utila Princess’, which was just a crappy glorified yacht. I stood outside on the deck like most other people because we couldn’t breathe inside due to the heat. The captain came out and told us that we might get wet because the sea is wavy, but we should be ok. So we all stayed outside in the sun. After only 10 minutes of the 1 hour journey, everyone was soaked through, and the salt water was stinging my grazes from earlier. (Not as much as the alcohol wipes, though.)

After about 40 minutes, the sea calmed down a bit, and I could stand up without being salted to death. My shirt had dried by the end of the ride because it was still really sunny. When we were at the dock on Utila, we were told to get into another 4x4 truck, but this time I made a point about sitting down in the middle and facing outwards. After about another 5 minutes of riding in the truck we arrived at our hotel. It is called ‘The Coral View Hotel’, and is actually quite nice. Our room has 3 bunk beds, but only 5 people are in our room: Me, Ollie, James, Anton and Omar. This is good because we can put our bags onto the spare bed. After about 10 minutes of being there Anton broke the bathroom door, and the hotel owner had to hack it open with a cut-up plastic bottle. Then we had some food. It was spaghetti bolognaise again, but it was much better than the stuff in the jungle. At 7:30, we had to have a meeting about diving safety. The guy who was talking was called Adam, and he looked like the scientist off Back to the Future. He also introduced Dr Neil who I think looked like Mr Miagi off the Karate Kid films. I went to see him after the presentation and he said I only need to keep my cuts clean, and that the saltwater from the boat trip probably did me some good even though it stung.

We need to be up a 6:30 tomorrow morning, because breakfast is at 7:00, and we need to start the diving course at 8:30. This hotel also has a computer with internet, so I’ll try to use that. It’s only 1 Lempira per minute, so with $1 I can get 18 minutes.

I will probably sleep like a brick tonight because it will be the only mattress I have touched for a week. I also think that I will get some nice photos here. I am writing this on a nicely lit veranda, in a comfy wooden chair, with a big, bright moon, a warm breeze and crickets making noises in the grass. I’m wearing shorts and a t–shirt for the first time this year… and it’s July.

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