Thursday, 25 June 2009

Honduras Diaries, July 25th.

Today we finished our confined water training for PADI. This means that tomorrow we will be going out into the actual corals. We can only go down to 9 meters, so I will take my waterproof camera. After tomorrow we can go down to 18 meters, but my camera is only waterproof to 15.

Our dive instructors are called Jay and Cal. They said that we were the slowest group to finish yesterday but after finishing today’s skills we were the fastest. We did one dive in the pool then watched another video, and answered questions on it again. Then we had to read Section 5 in the book and answer those questions. After lunch we did ‘The Final Exam’, which was quite easy. All of the questions were multiple choices and were all common knowledge or basic physics. We were told that it would be quite hard to fail.

I have noticed that I have gone a bit redder on my arms where my wetsuit ended. It’s a perfectly flat line. I will have to use some after sun and put some more sun lotion on. Tomorrow I will have to use my waterproof one.

All afternoon we just sat around on the pier and relaxed. We were told that we would be going out for a meal at 6:30, and we needed to meet at the front of the hotel. When we did, Jay was there and he told everyone in our group that we wouldn’t be getting them as our instructors in open water because the other group had complained about their instructors. That means that we get the crappy, complaint-riddled instructors while the other group get ours. I think that it’s unfair. I also told James to be careful what he breathes tomorrow while diving. (Fart.)

We had to walk for about 5 minutes to get to a restaurant that was called ‘Calley’s’. It was nice, but very hot inside. Before we left I asked Mrs. Riches about my money situation and she gave me $50 to last me the rest of the week. That should be enough. My meal at the restaurant was a type of fish called a ‘snapper’ with a garlic sauce. It was nice but I couldn’t help thinking about those boil-in-the-bag cod and parsley things from ASDA. It cost $20. That’s only £10 with a Nachos starter and 2 drinks. Omar got a huge barbeque steak with some chips and a leaf. He paid about $15 dollars for it, and it was basically the entire of a cow. He didn’t eat all of it.

When we were walking back, it was dark and we could see lots of stars again. We saw some enormous crabs on the path that had claws bigger than their bodies. Everyone took photos of them and probably gave them epilepsy. We then looked over the sea and saw some big clouds and lightning. It was still warm and didn’t feel like it was going to rain. When we got back, I sat on the pier again with Ollie, Omar, Maddy and Mel. I then borrowed someone’s MP3 player and listened to Champagne Supernova by Oasis. We all then went back to our rooms.

Our room is a mess.

Tomorrow we have to be up at 7:30 and be at the conference room by 8:15. To me, 7:30 is now a lie in.

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