Thursday, 4 June 2009

The iColon

Here comes another project. Never likely to happen, just like this, this, and this. But this one is really good. It is going to be an iPhone/iPod Touch App, and it is very similar to a certain 'iPity' App, which is all of Mr T's most famous phrases, all organised into a list so you can 'Pity the foo'' wherever you go. But this is not Mr T. This is going to be Colon. All of his most ridiculous phrases, sentences and catch phrases will be put into this App. I'm also thinking of a cross between the iPity and also the iDaft App, which has buttons in a grid to press in any order.
So far, we have:
-Ve Guns!
-Ve Cannons!
-Ve Artillery!
-Ve Pyfons!
-Ve Saturdays!
-Almighty fit!
-Shutup, Milsted!
-Gun you down!
-Rain ve Pain!
-I'm gonna put you in a world of hurt!
-Fiat Punto!
-Ma situation wif ve lasses!
-Have you seen my Muvver?
-Don't call me Colon!
-"The Colon noise"

This is not the final build of the list, but rest assured, these phrases will be included in the App. The only problem is, that it will cost me about $99 to upload the iColon to the iTunes App Store, so I'm looking for donations. It will be put on iTunes as a free download, possibly with adverts in so I can make some revenue.

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