Friday, 17 July 2009

The Duke

There has not been any posts for a while because I have been busy with my Duke of Edinburgh's award with school. I had two 4 day walks in the space of two weeks and have just finished the final yesterday. Turns out we did far too much preparation with my very hateful teacher.
But anyway, I think that my walk was a success.

The real reason for this post was to show my excitement for the new Serious Sam game coming to XBLA on August 29th. I can't wait. This means that I will have to buy some more Microsoft points so I can download it on day 1 of it's release. I took this quote from to show exactly what this game is about, and what I'm expecting from it: "For all the talk of games as art these days, sometimes all you really want to do is shoot a few hundred disgusting monsters in their stupid, stupid faces."
There is nothing quite like killing endless swarms of ridiculous monsters and laughing insanely while doing it.

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