Sunday, 5 July 2009

Honduras Diaries, July 26th

Today we did our first Open Water Sea Dive. We had our new instructors who aren’t actually that bad. They are called Jon and Tanya. Jon looks like a pirate and Tanya is quite small.

We dove off the pier steps into the water. We swam for about 10 minutes outwards until the water was deep enough to dive in I couldn’t believe how many fish there was, and all of the corals were really colourful. Before we left I asked Jon is I could take my underwater camera, and he said that I could on Monday when we will do a ‘fun dive’ after I had passed my PADI. We went down to about 7 meters on that dive, which wasn’t really that deep. Most of the good coral starts at about 11-12 meters down, which we will go to on the next dive.

When we got back to the pier it was really hard to get out of the water because all of the equipment weighs about as much as me. I don’t know how it floats. After we’d finished diving, we got dry and I spoke to Omar. He said that he wasn’t that impressed with the dives because all he saw was fish and corals. Omar is a plank. He must have been expecting to see the skeleton of a pirate captain with an eye patch, wooden leg and a skeleton of a parrot on his shoulder. If he was expecting that I think he will be unimpressed with the other dives, too.

Our next dive was at about 2:00, and instead of diving from a pier we went out on a boat and dived from the middle of the sea. We got in the water and we had to do some skills like we did in the pool but in open water. We had to put our weights on and our BCDs on while floating. The water was as clear as a swimming pool and really warm. It was probably about 8 meters to the bottom and we could see all the way down. We did a 5-point-descent with our buddies. When we got to the bottom (about 6 meters) we kneeled on the sand and did skills underwater. There was basically a patch of flat sand in the middle of the corals and we had to fill our masks with water and empty them again.

After about 10 minutes of skill-practice, we swam down to about 11 meters. There were loads of fish, and we watched some seahorses.

I think that this is the best dive so far.

When we finished that dive we didn’t do anything else that afternoon.

At about 7:00, we all went down into the main town of Utila, because there was a Carnival on for some reason. We didn’t stay long because people were throwing firecrackers and putting fireworks into bottles and lighting them. I wanted to buy a hammock, but I felt like I would die if I stood still too long. We got back to the hotel at about 8:45, and watched the fireworks from the pier.

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