Sunday, 5 July 2009

Honduras Diaries, July 28th.

Got up at horrible o’clock in the morning, and we had to stuff everyone’s bags onto a tiny little boat that was harboured in the dock.

The journey was about 5 minutes to the dock where the ferry was. I didn’t want to sit outside again, but there was no seats at all inside, but outside the upstairs deck was open so we went up there. The floor didn’t look wet so we risked it.

Turns out that the outside top deck doesn’t get wet but the bottom one always does. I slept on the way to the mainland, and so did everyone else.

At the other side, we got on another crappy old school bus plastered with stickers of “CHRISTO JESUS”. After another 2 hour journey, we got to hotel which looked very out of place in the shacks that surrounded it. We took our bags to our rooms (I was in 212 with Ollie and Johnny) and we were given a bent key which didn’t fit, and the lock was upside down in the door. The room had two double beds and a single. I slept in the double nearest the window. After about 10 minutes, Johnny had got locked in the toilet that didn’t have a handle, but locked when it closed. I had to kick it open.

We stayed in the hotel room for about another half an hour until we got taken to a small rainforest reserve place where the main attraction was a river. Me and Omar skimmed stones to the other side. Then me and a few other people went off with Mrs Riches and Keith to a butterfly garden and a reptile house. As we were walking there, our guide was called Lewis and he used Kung Fu Panda as a reference to Bamboo. After a while we got to a pond and waited for our butterfly guide to turn up while Lewis poked lily pads trying to annoy frogs. Our guide turned up from behind some shrubs and was called Herman Martinez. He showed us some cocoons, some caterpillars and some huge butterflies pinned to a corkboard. We then moved to a big netted area which stank of melon and had loads of butterflies in there too. I saw some of those owl-eye moths which I saw at the satellite camp. I took photos of them. We then went to the reptile house which had snakes in. The sign outside said ‘Serpentorium’. When we got inside, we all got to hold one of the little ones, but I cant remember what kind it was. (Omar was fascinated by it, probably to make up for when he missed the fake coral snake at Guanales.)

Just outside the Serpentorium, was a ‘Green Iguana Sanctuary’, which supposedly had 20 iguanas in it, but we could only find 2. It was only a cage about 4x6 meters. There was also a huge spider in a web in the cage too. It was so big that I wondered how it fitted through the mesh in the first place, unless it was put there to keep the iguana population down…

When we got back to the bus it was starting to rain and everyone who didn’t come with us were waiting for us inside. We went back to the hotel to people singing the Parkinson Theme Tune.

Back at the hotel, we had a wander and saw the swimming pool. It was about the size of a big Jacuzzi and it was full of leaves and there was a dead lizard floating about. I got changed and went in.

We did nothing until about 6:00 when we supposed to be going out to Pizza Hut, (organised by OpWall) but there was a ‘mix-up’ so we had pizzas delivered instead.

After them, I went to Omar’s room and watched Family Guy and laughed at the corniness of WWE Wrestling. After that I went back to my room and watched My Name is Earl until 9:00. Then we went to bed because we had to be up at 5:00 the next morning.

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