Saturday, 29 August 2009


It is August 29th. The very same day that Serious Sam HD was supposed to be getting released. It has not been. I have fallen into the oldest internet trap there is: seeing one website that has the information I want and believing it without any other research. The internet wizard has fallen. So, as soon as I found out that it wasn't on the XBLA this morning, I swept over to the internet and did further research. Everywhere says 'Q3 2009' or 'Autumn 2009' the Serious Sam HD website says 'Coming Soon', and has a picture of a field with some cows in it, and the Serious Sam logo where the sun should be. The sun looks like it's rising in that picture, so maybe when the 'sun' gets to full height we will see the release.
Overall I feel conned. Let down. Disappointed. And it's all because some stupid twerp on the internet decided it would be hilarious to get me all excited and hen find out that it was fake info.

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