Thursday, 13 August 2009


Remember the last post that I wrote, and how I very conveniently said: "I will start this 'project' tomorrow"? Well, it didn't happen. Surprising. But, what I have done is I have now put all of the 92 ISOTs into my iTunes, and on my iPod, so I can listen to them wherever, and I have also done the very boring task of selecting/picking/inventing the best unofficial names for each one of them (Taken from this forum page on TDRS), so that they aren't just called 'ISOT, Vol. I, Track 1" etc. I was very surprised, however, that iTunes actually knew what ISOT was, and came up with the right album name, artist and genre. I still had to change them. Then, after they had all been put on my computer, I scanned the CD covers for use in the library pictures, because I can't be dealing with no Album Art.

Here they are, all snug inside my iTunes...

And here are all the files I scanned all not-so-snug in a folder...

So, if anyone stumbles across this hoping to find all of the missing artwork/covers for ISOT, I can provide them if necessary. It's 'cos I'm such a nice guy.

*Update* - I could also put them on my Dropbox public folder if you want. If you don't have an account click HERE for some extra megabytes.

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