Wednesday, 30 September 2009

The Deli Creeps

I got the Dawn of the Deli Creeps CD the other day, and even after listening to most of the songs on ye olde 'Tube, I am still surprised at how good most of the songs actually are. They are all good tracks with the exception of the ones where Maximum Bob is just talking about stuff and the last track, Random Killing. The best track on there is probably either Can I Have a Ride?, Dream Girl, Found Body or Buried Deep Stays Buried Still. It is also a little bit annoying that there was never a Deli Creeps version of Binge and Grab recorded in a studio, so the only version we have is a live performance from 1991 or something. In the same order, I also got Decoding the Tomb of the Bansheebot by Buckethead. I would say it is one of the better albums... Along the same style of Albino Slug and Pepper's Ghost. The best tracks on here are Asylum of Glass, Ghost Host, Checkerboard Incision, Sail on Soothsayer and Stretching Lighthouse. I know that in a previous post, I said that the next Buckethead album I got would be Albino Slug, but as I was scrolling up the TDRS page, Decoding the Tomb was in the list before the Slug.

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