Saturday, 12 September 2009


The other day I signed up to a Dropbox account, mainly because I like the idea of MobileMe's iDisk thing, but not so much the fees that came with it. Enter Dropbox, a website that pretty much offers the same thing, but for free, and it seems to do a very good job of it. Although I'm limited to 2GB of space at the moment, its still very useful. I have moved all of my big-ish files into the Dropbox folder on my computer, and now I can access them from anywhere. This should be useful for transferring files to and from school when I don't want to use a memory stick. The only problem is that I have to wait hours or even days for the files to be uploaded to the 'cloud' before I can get them anywhere else because of my awful internet connection. At the moment, it will take me about 8 more hours to upload 14 small to medium sized files... Because my broadband speed is horrendous. On a very good day I'm lucky to get 1MB broadband speeds. The fastest I have ever seen it is about 28KB/s, and the slowest at 3, so compared to my other speeds, 18.2 is quite fast. I have also been reading forums about the upload speeds, and some stupid melon is moaning about having to wait four minutes to upload a 200MB file. That same file on my connection would likely take four days.
I await the day when I can download a HD film on the Xbox without having to plan two weeks in advance, or watch the BBC iPlayer without having to click pause for an hour beforehand, or even click on the HQ button on YouTube and have it stream the way it should..

Damn you, BT.
Damn you, Tiscali.
Damn you, crappy phone lines.

I'm always happy to accept more space, too, so if you feel like signing up, click THIS link or leave a comment and we'll both get an extra 250MB if I send a referral link to you.

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