Monday, 7 September 2009

Giant Robot

Today I got Giant Robot by Buckethead. One of the rarer discs I have, along with ISOT and my signed Beast CD. It cost me $14 from and has arrived today, only 4 days after it was posted apparently. The only downside to my fantastic new purchase, is that the CD case has been notched/cut out. Not a real issue as such, but I would prefer if the paper hadn't been cut on the spine.
So, now that I have Giant Robot, I only have 11 Buckethead CDs left that I want (that is, unless he releases more, which is almost certain):
  1. Bucketheadland Blueprints
  2. Bucketheadland
  3. The Cuckoo Clocks of Hell
  4. Inbred Mountain
  5. The Elephant Man's Alarm Clock
  6. Island of Lost Minds
  7. Pepper's Ghost
  8. Decoding the Tomb of the Bansheebot
  9. Albino Slug
  10. A Real Diamond in the Rough
  11. Slaughterhouse on the Prairie
Next on the agenda will be Albino Slug, No. 9 in my list. Pretty soon Buckethead will also have his own shelf on my CD rack. Maybe two if I complete my list. Three if I put ISOT on display, but that stays in a safe drawer on my old CD rack.

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