Tuesday, 29 September 2009

My Weekend

This weekend I was away again. I was disconnected and internetless for two days - enough to start getting the shakes. I was staying in a cottage for the weekend somewhere in Bedale in North Yorkshire. It was a larf, I suppose. But, the people who owned the cottage must have known I was coming, because they actually did offer internet connection over wifi, but I would have had to pay for it, and it was £6 per day or £20 for the week. So I braved the cold, baron and empty wastelands of boredom of years gone by, where boring old TV is classed as 'entertainment', and people nearby are scared of technology, naming it as witchcraft rather than technical wizardry.
We went into the nearest town on the Sunday. Turns out that there was a sheep fair on, with people trading their sheep for a set of magic beans, judges wearing tweed suits and matching hats, a marching band wearing clogs and bells, sheep covered in rosettes, naming it 'The Best Sheep in the Land'...
Also, I went to the Black Sheep Brewery and looked around the gift shop. I was going to buy this shirt, but they had none in my size. If i remember rightly, I think that happened last time but with a different shirt... I didn't go into the actual brewery because a) I'd been in before, and b) it was swarming with people. So I left.
After this, we were heading back to the car after some food in a cafe, and I decided to go back through the sheep pens to get some photos.

If you don't live in the UK and are reading this, I'd just like to say that this 'sheep fair' is not a regular part of my life. I know that these pictures only add weight to certain images of 'The English' but I am not the kind to wear tweed and regularly attend sheep fairs.
The whole ordeal made me think of that Father Ted episode where Ted has to help Chris the sheep get back on top of his game after being scared by 'The Beast' in order to win a competition.

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