Friday, 18 September 2009


I downloaded a little App called Zattoo the other day. It is basically just a TV tuner, but with only certain channels that it can pick up... These seemingly being BBC 1, 2, 3 and 4, ITV 1 and 2, Channel 4 and Five. All the rest seem to degrade into rubbish or stuff that I didn't know existed, and things that I don't really care if they existed or not. Like Bloomberg, Red Bull TV, and the God channel (The London and European versions, in case you're feeling exceptionally religious).
It also annoys me that I cannot record anything from these channels, because it's coming from the internet, onto my computer, and when it stops to buffer, it carries on from where it left off rather than skipping to where the Live feed would actually be.
The main problem I have with Zattoo is the same that I have for the iPlayer, 4OD, YouTube...My Internet pipes (or lack thereof). In a previous post I already moaned consistently about them, so I won't go on abut them again for now. But anyway, it probably stops to buffer the next section of video every 15-25 seconds, and as the video is live I can't stop it and wait for it to load as I would with a YouTube or 4OD video. So although it is a great little app to have handy, I wish that it had more channels available, such as Dave, E4 and maybe some of the +1 channels. Film4 would be good, too but I imagine there will be lots of copyright issues going on with films and the like.

So, I might just uninstall it because I can hardly watch it in 20-second bursts... I might just wait for the programme that I want to go onto the iPlayer/4OD website/ITV Player. Then again, I might keep it just in case BT want to treat us. Maybe they can recycle some phone cables from 1990? They'll be newer than what we have now...

Stupid Internet Pipes. Ruining my life. Oh, and more great news... I think my router is knocking on Death's door... It keeps cutting me off and disconnecting randomly and has to be turned off and on again before it comes out of it's little tantrum. If I have to get a new router, it will have to be dual-band capable, and also have the power of 802.11n, so I, the resident Mac user, can take advantage of 5Ghz and super-fast sub-0.4MB 'Boradband'.

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