Sunday, 4 October 2009

The Intertubes

Today, my internet connection reached an all-time low. It was running unbearably slow on pretty much every page, and I couldn't even load Google in less than a minute. So, I managed to crawl my way to the BBC iPlayer Speed Test website, where it basically, tests your speed. Wow. I got this result:

If this is too small to read, it says the following:
Download Speed: 236 Kbps
Streaming Speed (1): 91 Kpbs
Streaming Speed (2): 0 Kbps
Streaming Speed (3): 95 Kbps

Overall, that makes my internet speed around the 64 Kbps mark. Unsuitable for even radio streaming from the BBC website, let alone TV programmes. I would need 54 times the current speed to just be able to stream HD TV. That is disgraceful. Poor show, Tiscali.

So, after getting those awful results, I went to another website to check the speed using another program. this time it was I got this result:

If this image is also too small, then the results are:
Download: 0.17 Mbps
Upload: 0.10 Mbps.
They say it will take me 4 minutes to download a 5MB MP3 file, 28 Minutes to download a 35MB video file and 642 minutes to download an 800MB movie file.
I think that those numbers are pretty optimistic.

There was also a little 5-Star rating thing for my ISP at the bottom. I gave Tiscali 1 Star.

Look at the speed I should be getting compare to what I actually am. Seriously?
It's 2009.

Come on. Sort it out, BT. I'm dying here.

Just to point out, Dial-Up internet, like off of the 90s, is 56 Kbps.
56. I'm on 64. This isn't Broadband.

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