Friday, 23 October 2009

New Design

I felt like a change to the way that all of these posts were organised. I liked the old 'Blue' layout, but I felt that the post column was a bit too small, and often my images and YouTube embedded videos would have to be snipped from the side because they were too wide. So I chose to use this style, 'Minima'.
After applying it and tinkering with the fonts and colours, I found that even though the whole thing was now a bit wider, it was still very narrow when you began to reach the bottom. It was now that I took matters into my own hands, and began fidgeting with some very dangerous HTML code. Obviously, I wanted the main column to appear wider by a few hundred pixels.
After some extensive Googling, I found a few other Blogs that wanted to so the same thing as me. They had posted their HTML codes to the article so I could copy them. I tried that, it made a mess. So I had to find way of making certain parts wider by doing some manual tinkering. Here is the code I eventually ended up with:

The red parts are the areas I had to change in order to get it the way I wanted. I had to increase the size of all of them, and then I had to make the sidebar move to the top right.
I have also changed the banner on the top of the site. It now has a small border around the black square, and i think it adds a bit more neatness. So I hope that all of the Blogoshpere is working smoothly. Any problems that you find, leave a comment and tell me what it is. I might try to fix it.

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