Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Shiny, Shiny, Shiny...

The other day, a new line of iMacs were released onto the Apple website for people's buying pleasure. They are all new, but they still have the same-ish design as the older model. It just had some plastic surgery on it's face.
At first the actual design is still pretty similar to the older model, except the black screen border reaches the very edge of the case, and the 'chin' is a bit smaller beneath the screen. The processor speed has also been increased, as well as most of the hardware has, up to 3.06Ghz. I think, the most important new addition to the design is the SD card slot on the side, below the DVD drive. It's about time.
So, other than improvements in the insides and some little tweaks on the appearance, it's fairly similar to mine. There are some things that I was expecting to see in a new model, but haven't happened: A Blu-Ray Drive would have been a welcome addition to some nerds like me, considering there's now a full HD screen waiting to be christened with HD Matrix Trilogy. I also expected to see some more options on the screen - as in, glossy or matte displays. There is also an upgrade to the Mighty Mouse. It is now called a 'Magic Mouse' and has literally, no buttons. It is the first commercial multi-touch mouse, meaning that you don't have to move any scroll balls, because it can sense when one, two or three fingers are on it. Swipe left to go back, swipe down to scroll down a page, tap it to click.

None of these things matter to me, really. I still love (my now ye olde) iMac 20". However, I still need to upgrade to Snow Leopard, and I might even get one of these Magic Mice. Then again, for £55, maybe not. Also, they are all wireless, which I don't really like, because wireless means batteries. And I'm not a fan of buying batteries.

My philosophy is that anyone who thinks that PCs look/are better, has either never even seen/used a Mac. Or they are just denying the truth. Either way, these people are stupid, people can't be trusted. People also voted for Hitler, and look at what a mess that turned out to be.

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