Friday, 30 October 2009

Squid, Buckethead

I got me another guitar. I think it's the so-called 'guitar-buying syndrome'. It has now elevated from Guitar-looking-at syndrome to a full blown case of GBS.

It's a Squier Affinity Telecaster in Butterscotch colour. I'm calling it Squid. **Update - I have changed it's name to Baron Klaus Nottingham** I got this guitar mainly to do experiments on that I'm too scared to try out on my other guitar, 'Iby'. I got it yesterday through the post from the Soundslive website. It'll be like Frankenstein's Guitar. A killswitch will be the first modification. On the chrome volume/tone/selector switch panel thing. I think it'll go between the two knobs.

I have also finished my pumpkin carving for this year. It is, obviously, Buckethead. Here is a picture of that:

Yeah, it's not great, but I'm still quite proud of it. If a kid knocks on the door tomorrow and says something like "Is that Buckethead from Guns N Roses?'' I'll think, 'Wow... He knows who Buckethead is.' Then I'll kill him because he said 'from Guns N Roses.'

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