Monday, 9 November 2009

More Buckethead, Flaming Lips, Travis.

This is just an update to say that I'm still alive.
Also, that I got a few more Buckethead CDs from TDRS, which is always a good thing. I got Albino Slug and A Real Diamond in the Rough, and both are very good. ARDitR is great, but as expected, no match for Electric Tears. However, there was a bit of trouble with the postage. Not Travis's fault, but the Post Office's. Stupid Royal Mail. I had to pay a 'Customs Charge' of £12.11 because it was over £35 in value. Gay. So in future I'll be buying my CDs in smaller bundles.
On the plus side, however, Albino Slug was actually signed by actual Travis. I would have preferred Buckethead to have signed it, but beggars can't be choosers, and Travis still does something on the album apparently. If/when I get the Chicken Noodles albums I'll ask for them to be signed again because he plays keyboard all the way through them. I now wish that I got Population Override from TDRS, because that would be a good one to have signed.
I also got The Flaming Lips's Embryonic Super-Special-Ultra-Radical Deluxe Edition. Which is a larf.

Here is the signed Albino Slug cover. A good album. It says "Thanks for your support! Travis Dickerson". It's almost like having a hand-drawn In Search of The...

A Real Diamond in the Rough, also a good album.

Embryonic, two music CDs on the left and centre, and a 96K DVD with 256 times the normal resolution of a standard CD. And some weird furry case thing. Ooh.

Here's something good for you to feast upon until the next time Buckethead does something. Because that's basically what my posts revolve around.

And remeber: Don't fake the Funk or your nose got to grow, Bobbo. Yeah.

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