Saturday, 28 November 2009

Today is a good day.

As the title says, today is a good day indeed.
First, I got myself some killswitch action on my Ibanez. It is not really a killswitch, but a Shadow Kill Pot, which acts a a switch but still uses one of the volume knobs so I don't have to drill a hole or do anything dangerous. I was too stupid to know how to do the electronics of it, (especially with the Active Pickups) so I went to Soundslive in Newcastle and got Neil the Technician to fit it for me. It only cost £20, and it works on both pickups instead of just the one, which I was expecting. I recommend Soundslive. It is a good place. Neil will never read this, but thanks anyway.

Also, I got BUCKETHEADLAND on CD. As seen in the previous post, I was expecting it to come late next week considering I opted for the super saver free delivery. Two CDs of fantasticness, for only £14. The chances are against you if you find that for around that price again. The majority of times its sold for anything between £40-60. It's a good deal.

So yeah... A good day.

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