Wednesday, 30 December 2009

General Update

This is the first update since Christmas, and I have missed out the annual 'So, what'd you get?' post.
But this post is to say that I will be doing my 'Definitive Review of 2009' post shortly, and will also post some reviews on some DVDs that I got over Christmas. These were: The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, Rain Man, The Midnight Express and Extras.
After months of waiting to see my list of films, I get to see them all in the space of a week. I have also restarted my daily Prison Break marathons, in which I watch a disc of episodes per day until I don't have any left. I'm onto Disc 3 of 4 on Season 3, and it is getting pretty exciting, but I can't help but constantly think that everything is too convenient. Oh well. I still enjoy it. It also means that I'm going to have to find someone to sponge Season 4 from... I can get all 4 seasons on DVD fro £50 in HMV, but that's £50 that could also be spent on something worthy... like Buckethead CDs.
Expect a few posts in the near future...

Thursday, 17 December 2009

The Beautiful Ones

I have recently been listening to a lot of Poets of the Fall. And I mean a lot. More than Buckethead this week. That is some feat...
It's because I was on their website checking up on progress from any new albums they are doing. Turns out, they are, and it will be out in March 2010, and they are working with Remedy again to put some soundtrack to Alan Wake, also released in Spring next year. That track is called 'War'.
Coming from the absolute fantasticness of the last three albums, and almost everything I have heard by them, I have high hopes for it. I found a track that I had never heard that was released as a single with Lift from their first album called The Beautiful Ones. I could have bought it on iTunes, but despite my love for all things Appular, I got it from Amazon MP3 for the same price without any stupid DRM. As it was downloading I thought: 'Yeah, iTunes, your DRM regime is over! Suck it!'.
I got The Beautiful Ones and a live studio cover of Chris Cornell's You Know My Name, for 79p each. They are worth it. I strongly suggest everyone who reads this has a goosey of them as soon as possible.

My love for Poets of the Fall is as much as Buckethead.

I also watched The Midnight Express the other night.... I might put a review up soon. Might not.

Monday, 14 December 2009

The Heaviest Metal

This is the name for my latest work. The Heaviest Metal. It involves me making noises and recording them into GarageBand, then formatting them as MP3s. So far, my debut album has got two tracks on the 'Keep List'. A third I have saved, but is unlikely to actually make it into the MP3 stage. The tracks I have currently are called The Splat of Pegasus and The All-Seeing Eye.

I have designed myself some fantastic Album Art, and I have put my current tracks into iTunes and set up all of the labels and fields etc.
Artist: Alex Richings
Album: The Heaviest Metal
Genre: The Heaviest Metal
Rating: *****

Eat your heart out, Buckethead.
Click to embiggen.

Here they are in my Public DropBox Folder so you can download them.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Google Chrome for Mac

I got an email today about Google Chrome finally being released in Beta for Mac. I downloaded it, taking somewhere in the region of 20 minutes, and got it installed.
It asked me if I wanted to transfer all of my setting and stuff from Safari. I did, and it imported all bookmarks, history, favourites and passwords, apparently.
First off, the Passwords didn't happen. So I had to try to remember what they all were for iGoogle and GMail etc. (See my post on 1Password). So after all this business, I started to have a goose at the settings.
I wanted to have the bottom bar on so I could see where a link would take me when I hovered the pointer over it. There is no setting for this, but I found that a web address appeared in a bubble after holding the pointer over for a few seconds.
I also wanted Chrome to gather all my logins from Safari. It didn't. I had to try remembering them. After failing this, I thought of 1Password, and then came back to good ol' Safari.
I also didn't like how the Tabs bar is above the URL bar. This happened in the Beta for Safari 4, and that turned into a right mess. There is no option to change this. I also found that I had to actually click the '+' symbol to open a new tab. I am used to just double clicking anywhere in the Tab Bar. And for the 'X' button to close a tab to be on the left, not the right.
The Bookmarks Bar is also a bit big. It is the same as Safari, except it has a logo of the website next to the name. This makes it much bigger, and I could not fit all of my buttons on the screen without them being messy, confusing and squished.
When a new Tab is opened, it opens a Popular Pages screen, similar to the default in Safari, except this cannot be changed as far as I can see. I would have preferred my Homepage to load as it does in Safari, and every other browser I have used.
There is virtually no ability to customise the Toolbar, other than adding/removing the Home Button.
Also, after using Safari and Adblock for so long, I cannot understand how anyone can go without it. There are adverts on websites I never even knew had adverts. However, since Chrome is Open Source, a similar add-on may still happen eventually.
I understand that this browser is still in Beta, but for the wait I was seriously expecting something better than this. It's like the awful Safari 4 Beta, but all of the rubbishness was taken out of the final build, except from that blue loading bar that I loved in Safari 3. Sadly, in Safari 4 they decided to get rid of it.

You can download it from here if you want, but I would recommend just waiting for the Beta to end and the final public version to come out.
When they base the whole Chrome OS on this style, which they are, I can't see myself being a customer.

Chrome Browser [Beta]: 4/10.
Not as good as I'd hoped, but it is still in Beta so there is time for it to improve.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

A few Slices of Good Internet

I found this website ( where you can look at flash animations of panoramic photos from all over the world.
On there they have The Grand Canyon in Arizona, Death Valley, Matterhorn in Switzerland (I've been there), Monument Valley, Ayer's Rock (not as good as it could be)... The best ones I found are 360º panoramas of the peak of Mount Everest and The Great Wall of China. I can't embed them, so you'll have to deal with the links.