Thursday, 17 December 2009

The Beautiful Ones

I have recently been listening to a lot of Poets of the Fall. And I mean a lot. More than Buckethead this week. That is some feat...
It's because I was on their website checking up on progress from any new albums they are doing. Turns out, they are, and it will be out in March 2010, and they are working with Remedy again to put some soundtrack to Alan Wake, also released in Spring next year. That track is called 'War'.
Coming from the absolute fantasticness of the last three albums, and almost everything I have heard by them, I have high hopes for it. I found a track that I had never heard that was released as a single with Lift from their first album called The Beautiful Ones. I could have bought it on iTunes, but despite my love for all things Appular, I got it from Amazon MP3 for the same price without any stupid DRM. As it was downloading I thought: 'Yeah, iTunes, your DRM regime is over! Suck it!'.
I got The Beautiful Ones and a live studio cover of Chris Cornell's You Know My Name, for 79p each. They are worth it. I strongly suggest everyone who reads this has a goosey of them as soon as possible.

My love for Poets of the Fall is as much as Buckethead.

I also watched The Midnight Express the other night.... I might put a review up soon. Might not.

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