Monday, 14 December 2009

The Heaviest Metal

This is the name for my latest work. The Heaviest Metal. It involves me making noises and recording them into GarageBand, then formatting them as MP3s. So far, my debut album has got two tracks on the 'Keep List'. A third I have saved, but is unlikely to actually make it into the MP3 stage. The tracks I have currently are called The Splat of Pegasus and The All-Seeing Eye.

I have designed myself some fantastic Album Art, and I have put my current tracks into iTunes and set up all of the labels and fields etc.
Artist: Alex Richings
Album: The Heaviest Metal
Genre: The Heaviest Metal
Rating: *****

Eat your heart out, Buckethead.
Click to embiggen.

Here they are in my Public DropBox Folder so you can download them.

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