Monday, 1 February 2010

Day 1, Wednesday January 13th (11 Days to Go.)

The Internet got snipped today. This was expected because the awful Tiscali are being bought out by the not-so-awful TalkTalk. I am waiting for delivery of our new router to allow me to apparently get faster speeds. Can’t see that happening really because of the suckiness of our pipes.

The router hasn’t turned up. We rang up TalkTalk and it turns out that the router hasn’t even been ordered yet, and the cables are rewired so that we can’t use out current router. This is to prevent people getting better Internet than they are allowed. That router probably sucks anyway.

Been on the phone to TalkTalk for about 2 hours. Customer service is as bad if not worse than the already dreadful Tiscali. While explaining why we are phoning, asking where our router is, why it can’t connect to the current router… Also, we kept on getting transferred back to people at the Tiscali Call Centre in some nameless country – despite Tiscali technically no longer existing. Finally we got some guy who understood the problem and was pretty helpful. He said that it would take at east 11 days for the new router to be ordered and delivered, but after being on the phone getting nowhere for two hours, we just cancelled the whole thing.

I have been without Internet for all of today. Why is it that today of all days that the Internet is snipped? Serious Sam HD came out today. I can’t download it. I could sue BT/TalkTalk/Tiscali/Microsoft for irreparable emotional damage. This is exactly the reason why download-only media is NOT the way forward.

They took my Internet, and my chickens, away. And I’m sad. What will I do?

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