Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Day 10, Friday 22nd January (9 Days to Go)

Finally, I have survived up until the single figures of my epic battle using my one-way ticket to Hell and Back. 9 Days. Wow. So it will be a Sunday when my tubes are unblocked and I can bask in the light of joy. Why not a Friday so I can bask for 48 non-stop hours straight? Damn you, Gregory! I knew we should have hired a different guy to take care of calendars!

Some good news for today, though, is that Cuckoo Clocks of Hell arrived, five days before it was supposed to. Apparently it has been sent from in Germany but I’m not sure why because I ordered it from UK Amazon. Maybe they ran out of packets with English writing on them so they used German ones that they found in a box in the warehouse. I’m listening to it now, and its on track 10 of 17, Beaten With Sledges. So far it is pretty loud and looks like Buckethead just made as much fast, loud noises he could in the time it took for his backing track to run out. It’s going to take a few listens, but I don’t think it will be as good as Inbred Mountain or Pepper’s Ghost. Note: In the time taken to write this, Beaten With Sledges has turned out to be great. So has track 11, Woods of Suicides.

This album also has Spokes for the Wheel of Torment, which has a fan made video on YouTube, which is surprisingly good, and is based on a painting called ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights’ by some geezer called Hieronymus Bosch. I recommend having a Ghandi of both the painting and the video.

I now face the second of three dark, 48 hour long completely disconnected weekend. This time I don’t have an excuse to fidget with a new amp, so it might be a big one.

I’m going to watch Shaun of the Dead now. I have found that its much better to watch DVDs on the Xbox while not connected to Live because you don’t get those stupid notifications bleep-blooping all over my film, usually during the suspenseful bits. I know how to disable them but I can’t be bothered. The menu is so clunky I’d rather not have to deal with the stress of flicking through the menus. Sounds like a distant memory from my Windows days… I’m so glad I escaped that black hole. They reckon that Black Holes have so much gravitational pull that not even light can get in or out, hence why they’re black. But the light of Apple, later to be known as the Light of Joy, penetrated this particular Black Hole. The Microsoft-made Black Hole was rubbish, just like Windows. I went there.

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