Friday, 12 February 2010

Day 13, Monday 25th January (6 Days to Go)

Nothing has happened today. It has been pretty dull and boring, and there has been nothing of particular noteworthiness. I haven’t even had a chance to check my emails today; I dread to think what a mess that inbox will look like by tomorrow. Probably just like it did a while ago: like war-torn Russia. Although, now that I have finished all of my exams for the moment, I can stop doing so much revision, and possibly even play a bit of Far Cry 2, maybe even do something crazy like finish it. Whod’ve thunk it?

I like Far Cry 2, despite it’s somewhat negative reception. At first I thought it was a bit boring and far too big, especially as there was no ‘fast travel’ option and no ‘save anywhere’ feature, but I just learned to deal with them. You don’t need a save anywhere feature unless you suck at it and keep getting killed, but even if you do, you can get your Buddy to help you when you get killed. You don’t really need a fast travel option either because if you plan ahead you can get pretty much everywhere quickly enough. You just need to look at the map and pick the most direct route, which will include boats, buses and boats. Don’t bother with following roads; just go ‘as the crow flies’ or as close to that as you can. You can walk, run, and crawl through the paths, trails, tunnels, tombs, bushes, woods, alleys, streets and ditches. You can travel the park in a spiral. Some would choose to wander, stumble, roll, ramble or rampage… It’s harder when you’re gagged, tied or blindfolded, but how often could that happen?

I also saw a good advert today. It was for Specsavers and it had some farmer/yokel/West-Country cider type of guy wearing Aviator sunglasses, and he was moaning bout some UFOs floating around and annoying him. It was set out like a documentary on Channel 4 probably named something ridiculous like UFOs: Should they have gone to Specsavers? Silly business. Anyway, he was talking about how they keep coming down and ruining his fields and how he felt like they were bullying him. In the end it zoomed out and showed you that they had been making crop circles saying ‘Should’ve gone to Specsavers’. It was better the first time.

‘Kettle’s boiled, Ted. Should we put it on and let it boil again?’

‘No. I liked it best the first time.’

I might change the title of the next set of diaries, maybe to something that shows more urgency, like instead of looking at it like 6 Days until I get my internet back, but more like 6 Days until I get SSHD. This is the worst thing that’s happened to anyone, ever. I have irreparable emotional damage. BT, prepare for that lawsuit and some anthrax-ridden mail to come through your dirty little letterbox in the next few days.

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