Friday, 12 February 2010

Day 14, Tuesday 26th January (5 Days to Go (until Serious Sam))

I gots me lots of news today! Things are on the up! The BT guy came over to check our already installed pipeage to make sure we could handle the new router. Surprisingly, we could. Anyway, he came in and said “Let me have a Binge” I give that girl you know, a bingin’ til’ she twitches… Oh Yeah! Gotta get me on a binge and grab. That’s the one for me, I must say, she keeps lookin’ walkin’ talkin’ smilin’ my way, oh yeah, gotta give that girl a binge and grab.

Then he checked the connection and said: ‘OK... That’ll be fine’. And pretty much just left. At least I’m safe in the knowledge that my connection will be returned as soon as it can be, and there shouldn’t be any more stupid ‘mistakes’. Why doesn’t the Daily Mail pounce on that one? Mistakes made by silly companies. I can see it now: ‘PUBLIC OUTRAGE AS //Company X// HATES IT’S BRITISH CUSTOMERS, SUPPORTS CANNIBALISM AND DIABOLICAL MP EXPENSES’. I despise the Daily Mail. It’s such a ridiculous paper, and possibly the closest thing Britain has to a legal KKK. I don’t know how they are allowed to actually print such lies without any consequence. There’s so much hate in the Daily mail that it should be printed in the roof of a barn on Apple Seed Orchard and cause the vengeful shooting of Leland Vanhorn when he’s in the boot of Malcolm Vanhorn’s car. (ß That was a reference. I haven’t given clues for any others, but this one is exceptionally good. I’ll even put the keywords in bold. Look it up.)

I have had some silly problems with my iPod today. When I plugged it into the USB connector it would sync as usual, but then it wouldn’t actually charge at all. It would have that silly plug symbol to say it was fully charged but after I ejected it the battery would still be the way it was before, no matter how long it was plugged in for. First I tried a different connector cable. That made no difference. Then I thought about changing the USB port it was plugged into on my Hub thing, which also made no difference, so I plugged it directly into the back of the computer, which fixed it. I then investigated the USB hub, and plugged my mouse and keyboard into it. The mouse moved as normal but couldn’t click, and my keyboard couldn’t type numbers or symbols. So I put that back where it was and now everything is good again, except I now don’t have a printer connected unless I change some plugs on the back. At the moment I have the iPod cable, the USB Hard Drive and my mouse and keyboard, with the extra hub and printer just dangling there without a purpose.

Criticism 1 to Apple: The iMac is a fantastic gadget, but why did you go cheap on the USB sockets? Everyone uses at least three, don’t they? Two of those could be filled by the Mouse and keyboard that you provide, and I know that on the new iMacs there is the astronomical number of four USB ports, but I reckon five is a nice enough number, unless you bring FireWire back to kill USB. Make it so, Mighty One.

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