Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Day 15, Wednesday 27th January (4 Days to Go (until Serious Sam))

Today is rubbish. It’s Wednesday. The worst day of the week, soured further by the fact that it is only half way through a depressing sequence of days, along with the grim realisation that January has 31 days. Why can’t it only have 30? January’s rubbish, so why would anyone want to make it longer? Again, all blame falls on that idiot Gregory who designed the calendar. Its clear the Chinese have the right year layout. They are miles ahead of us in terms of technology, so maybe that’s because Gregory wasn’t in charge of their design. People have more sensible times to do stuff. I wish death upon Gregory and his stupid months.

I have also discovered today that Buckethead, again, has snidely taken stuff from one album to make a song on another under a different name. This time he has used the Slaughter Zone Entrance/Exit from Bucketheadland 2 in Track 14, The Ravines of Falsehood, from the Cuckoo Clocks of Hell. It feels like he’s getting lazy. Obviously it’s impossible to remember all of your individual tracks after 70-something albums, but this is just silly.

I’m starting to enjoy the Cuckoo Clocks of Hell. It’s much better than Funbus.

I need something good to happen. Nothing has happened this week. I might lighten up today by watching a DVD. Not even Serious Sam can beat a good DVD when one is needed. I might watch The Devil’s Backbone or Pan’s Labyrinth, or maybe something a bit ‘deeper’ like The Darjeeling Limited or Rain Man. The Darjeeling Limited seems like the best option, but then again, I might want to watch Donnie Darko by then. I think that’s one of my favorites along with the LOTR Trilogy. (Extended and special edition, of course.

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