Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Day 18, Saturday 30th January (1 Day to Go (until Serious Sam))

One. Day. Left. I never thought I would make it this far with my mind intact. Now that I have no revision to be doing, I can basically play on the Xbox all day – Which I did. I played a bit of Fallout 3 and started ‘Into the Pitt’, which will have to wait to be finished because I then started on Dead Rising again, aiming to get two achievements: Transmissionary, where I need to answer all calls from Otis, and also get 50 Survivors out of the Mall. I’m almost half way through it now on the second day. I thought about trying to get the Indoorsman/Outdoorsman achievements to but I couldn’t be bothered to just leave the Xbox on while I stand in the Security Room or on the roof.

I have had nothing else to do today, so after a few hours I was getting a bit bored of zombie slaughtering, so I turned it off and decided to watch a film.

After a bit of deliberation, I decided to watch Hallam Foe, which I had never seen but it had been sitting downstairs for ages. Turns out it is actually really good, if not a bit strange. Not to ruin the ending, but afterwards I was left with a sense of ‘What just happened?’ similar to after I watched Fight Club, Pulp Fiction and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest for the first time. After that finished it was about 8:30, so I watched Seven. I hadn’t seen that either, and it had also been sitting there since forever. I remember getting Seven, actually, and on the same day we also got Terminator 2, all of the Wild, The Mask and something else when we bought the first DVD player ever. It must have been a package or something. Anyway, I thought Seven was absolutely fantastic. I can’t believe that I had missed out on it for so long. This always seems to happen: I manage to avoid seeing great films until they are more than ten years old. Seven reminded me about Condemned (I love Condemned, just in case you didn’t know or I hadn’t mentioned it before), but that might have only been because it was about serial killers and CSI type stuff, but even so, I really enjoyed it. What a co-inky-dink that just the other day I thought about my Serial Killer nickname, and now I watch a whole film dedicated to serial killers…

I then started watching The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which I got 50 minutes into and was so bored I had to turn it off. The last time I did hat with a film was 10,000 BC, which was a pile as well.

Then I floated about on TV for a while, I can’t remember what I watched but it was something ridiculous like a bad copy of ReBrand or similar. Then I watched an episode of Peep Show and eventually went to bed after I got bored of that as well. While sleeping I leveled up and upgraded my Endurance and Willpower.

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