Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Day 2, Thursday January 14th. (17 Days to Go.)

Started phoning up some Broadband people. This was after I did some research on the school computers for providers with Unlimited Download and also under/around the price that we had for the old Tiscali connection. Virgin said that my postcode could get ‘up to 20MB Fibre Optic Broadband’ but that was a lie. After ringing them they said no. BT has a package for unlimited download, 8MB broadband (which I can only use >1MB of) and free unlimited calls. We also get one of those silly phones with a box on the back like that guy on the adverts out of My Family. I would look up his name but I don’t have any Internet.

So eventually we got signed up to a BT thing, and we’ll get a new router and all that, but it will take until THE 1ST OF FEBUARY. What am I supposed to do for 17 days? I already had cold sweats last night when I couldn’t check my answers to my past exam questions.

I have been taking full advantage of the Internet at school today. I checked my emails and tried to contact ‘my contacts’ but those sites have been blocked because Gateshead School Network believes them to be dangerous.

I wish I had an iPhone. I could tether it to my computer as a 3G router… I’d have to pay extra but it would be worth it for now. Or a Pay As You Go 3G dongle…

I just tried to look it up on the Internet. Can’t.

I have a Biology Exam on the 25th. I need to get on the school’s learning portal to access files. I can’t do this on the School’s network because they are Flash Animations and Dells can’t download stuff using Window>Activity because they suck. Life would be a million times better if everyone used Macs.

17 days to go. It’s going to be a tough ride. I could revolt, cause a ruckus, knock over a bin in the street, slap a baby, kill a duck with a loaf of bread and kick a goose. If anyone tried to section me I would put up a fight and spray ink on them… But on the downside, I’d probably get lobotomised.

At least I have Buckethead to keep me company. As he once famously said: ‘A seemingly doomed and dismal future is approaching nearer and nearer, unless the force of Cruelty can be conquered by an influx of fun designated by a monstrous shipment of dolls, robots and toys made by Japanese Technicians dedicated to unbelievable, colourful novelty and delivered exclusively to Buckethead’s Toystore – A true wonderland of Joy… Even Rude Ralph agrees.

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